Got Oils?


In the summer of 2015 I was sharing with a friend of mine how I was interested in caring for my family and myself in more natural ways. 

She asked if I had ever heard of Young Living essential oils, which I hadn't - but I was instantly curious.  She mentioned how the oils could help support our wellness goals.  She said the company also offered other products that I might be interested in. 

I researched Young Living for myself and placed my first order the next week.  I began with a premium starter kit and then month by month we added new products to our order and started noticing changes for the better.  We were amazed by how good we felt!  

Fast forward to today - I have to tell you that we have not missed a monthly order since we began in 2015. Why?  Because they have products to meet our every need.   

In addition, Young Living gives me $25 for every $100 I spend just for being a loyal customer ...AND I get free oils and products monthly...AND they send me a thank you check for sharing this awesome deal with my friends.

I can truly say "My cup runneth over!"

 Aileen Wilson

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